Línea Dorada

What do egg consumers
tell us?

Linea Dorada  was created as an exclusive nutritional assistance service for adults over 60 years of age in the context of the health emergency and as a tool for prevention and care of their immune system; we seek to have a positive, measurable and continuous impact on the well-being of Colombian senior citizens by demystifying the consumption of eggs and accurately communicating their main benefits.

Year: 2019-present

 Methodology: Survey + specialized support

 Added value:

  • Preferential attention to vulnerable population.
  • Real data on the consumption habits of Colombian households


More than 350 competition studies (isochronous) were conducted so that our clients could make the decision to open their businesses in a very short period of time, complying with the legal parameters required by the regulatory entities (SIC) and achieve the target expansion for their strategic plan.

Year: 2022-2023

Methodology: Quantitative

Added value: Geo analysis and census of authorized commercial outlets.

discover where you should live

Clients (which in these cases are construction companies) have developed housing projects, shopping malls, recreation sites in Bogota, Medellin, Central America, with great results in their sales by relying on our information.

Year: 2021 – present 

 Methodology: Quantitative

Impact of mining
on the Colombian population

Through our coverage in any municipality or area of the country, we are able to have relevant socio-demographic information for the development of projects in the mining sector (38 mining municipalities in the country) in a very short period of time.

Year: 2022

Methodology: Quantitative

Added value: Face-to-face collection in mining municipalities in Colombia.


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