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Representatives serve as ESOMAR’s ambassadors in their local countries. They are part of a global team who further ESOMAR’s mission to promote the value and use of opinion and marketing research.

Representatives work hard at a local level to increase the visibility of the organisation, publicise the information and products we create and promote ESOMAR’s activities and initiatives.

By becoming an ambassador in your country you would actively be contributing to your country being represented amongst the worldwide market research community. All ESOMAR representatives are respected professionals with extended experience and are involved with ESOMAR activities, including the support of our local events, and other local professional activities.

What is the role of a representative?

The role may vary slightly depending on how many members there are within a country and the skills and experience of the representative. The role typically involves:

  • Recruit, screen and interview new members.
  • Promote the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Practice and Professional Standards.
  • Promote ESOMAR’s conferences, workshops, publications, educational programmes and initiatives
  • Provide ESOMAR’s Council with feedback from members and on developments affecting the international research community.
  • When relevant, maximise media coverage for the Industry and ESOMAR promoting the value of research and raising awareness of professional standards.
  • Liaise with industry leaders, associations and other relevant organisations for any market related issues.
  • When relevant, ensure targeted awareness for ESOMAR key messages to politicians and governmental bodies.
  • Support with local meetings and regional events.

Why be a representative?

There are a number of key reasons why people volunteer as an ESOMAR representative:

  • Access to early information and regular updates on ESOMAR and the market research industry.
  • Access to an international community of market research professionals.
  • Promotion and support of the ESOMAR Public Relations network and speaking opportunities at specific events and projects.
  • International recognition amongst peers.
  • Training and yearly updates with other representatives of your region.
  • Early bird rates for all events.
  • Usage of the individual Representative Mark.

How to become a representative?

A representative position may become available in a country because:

  • The current representative’s appointment has reached the end of their term.
  • The current representative has resigned their position.
  • The current representative has been asked to step down due to non-fulfilment of their responsibilities.
  • Or the membership numbers have reached a certain number to require need of a Representative.

When a Representative position becomes available, the ESOMAR Council will appoints a new representative for an initial 2-year term. The term can extend between 2 years to 6 years in some situations.

Candidate requirements:

Ideally the candidate should possess the following profile:

  • Be able to represent ESOMAR’s goals, missions and objectives in a clear and articulate manner.
  • Be an active market research professional with experience in an authoritative role.
  • Has the capacity to build consensus amongst industry stakeholders.
  • Has been an ESOMAR member for at least two years.
  • Is Involved in ESOMAR activities or other professional activities in market or opinion research.

In the event of a vacancy, ESOMAR will discuss with the current Representative on possible candidates. If a suitable candidate is not identified members in the relevant country will be emailed and notified of the opening and a call for nominations will be announced.

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