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We work for brands to add value to people’s lives, our work influences culture, understanding and updating information for companies in all sectors. We are experts in research, we manage to make sense of the data we collect, with effective methodologies to correctly answer our clients’ questions.

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Our great experience, knowledge and development of research based on processes, will make us choose well, so that you feel secure in every step and in the result. The validation of the processes guarantees reliable information for decision making, seeking clear and real paths.
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We are flexible, time has taught us to listen and correct to have the best possible result as a team with our clients, shaping the data collected in the collection process and achieving the best information for the most accurate decisions.
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Our processes seek to be agile using cutting-edge tools in a world that goes faster and faster to answer the questions and dilemmas of the market along with the best interpretations and analysis given by our team.
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We love our work, we love what we do, convinced of the research we rigorously follow the process to not leave to chance or chance the decisions of our customers and thus achieve the best results.


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Carlos Alberto Villamizar Marín

Project Leader

Julio Alberto Villamizar Piñeros

Commercial Leader

Myriam Dalila Marín Ardila

Administrative leader

José Julian Astaiza

Operations Sr. Leader

Karol Johanna Peña Tovar

Human Resources Leader

Nathaly Alejandra Bejarano Rodriguez

Project operator

Jennifer Lizcano Correa

Operations Jr. Leader

Carol Franco
Carol Franco

Nutricionista Dietista Línea Dorada

Yedzennia Duarte
Yedzennia Duarte

Nutricionista Dietista Línea Dorada

Mariana García
Mariana García

Nutricionista Dietista Línea Dorada

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